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10 Great Piano Songs for Social Events With Sheet Music

Looking for great music to play at social occasions? Want to play a song that everyone will sing along to? Here I have compiled a list of songs that I love to play when I find myself at a piano infront of a group of people big or small.
Want to be the star of the night? Want to impress the party and horde attention. Learn these songs, have them at your despoil and walk into social situations with something that no one can ever take away from you. The power to entertain a crowd!!

#1 A Thousand Miles – Venessa Carlton
This song is easy to learn, great to play especially to attract the attentions of any female in the audience. All girls and even most guys know the words to this song and will happily sing along. This sheet music is especially easy including the lyrics and chords that make it possible to learn at different levels of complexity.

#2 Desperado – The Eagles
A great song for slowing down the night and really getting emotional behind the keys. Makes sure you learn the introduction from this sheet music because everyone recognizes the song better if you start with it.

#3 Hotel California – The Eagles

Another Eagles song I know but whatever. It is a nice slow song that can fill time and extend your performance. The song is easy to learn and this sheet music really helps you learn it with ease.

#4 Piano Man – Billy Joel

This list would certainly not be considered complete without Piano Man by Billy Joel. It is another classic that give you a chance to talk about your self. You pretty much let everyone sing along to a situation that in some ways is happening infront of them. This sheet music gives you what chords can’t and really makes anyone sound like Billy Joel himself.

#5 In The Summer Time – Mungo Jerry

Upbeat song that is really fun to play. Gets everyone swinging and thinking about summer beaches and fun. Learn the intro and its pretty much all you need to make its sound good.

#6 Moondance – Van Morrison

Any night is a good night for a Moondance and I assume your audience will agree. This sheet music will be great for you and you will really sound good to everyone.

#7 Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver

This country song is also loved by many and words have been beaten into almost anyone who has stepped into a frat. Play the chords along with the vocal notes and it sounds great. This sheet music has all you will need.

#8 Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin

If you have the patience to learn this song especially the intro, then you have a great chance of stealing the night. Everyone likes this song and everyone is used to hearing it on the guitar, but I think it sounds better done on the piano especially if you are the amateur that I assume you are.

#9 Summer Nights – Grease

Anyone with a heartbeat immediately recognizes this song and is a fun song to play especially if you have someone from the audience sing Sandy’s/female parts. The intro and the chords in this version of the sheet music are the easiest and most fun to play.

#10 Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
Another great song to slow the night down. Really calms people down and is always memorable. Learn this sheet music especially the passing chords that a lot of tabs do not have.

That’s it Good Luck to All!!

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